All Hero Honda Bangladeshi Price list

Posted by korban ali on Saturday, March 2, 2013 0

Dear visitor,you get here all Hero Honda Motorcycle Bangladeshi price list.That you have a lot of useful.I always try to make your profit.Do you regularly visit this site.

Hero Honda Hunk-PRice=197500 BDT  [details]

Hero Honda CBZ-PRice=193500 BDT [details] 
Hero Honda Glamour-PRice=152500 BDT   [details]  

Hero Honda Staunar-PRice=151000 BDT    

Hero Honda Passion Pro-PRice= 141500 BDT    [details]  

Hero Honda Splendor plus-PRice=133500 BDT     

Hero Honda Splendor Aloy-PRice=126000 BDT

Hero Honda Splender Spoke-PRice=122000 BDT

Hero Honda Cd Delux self-PRice=126000 BDT 

Hero Honda CD delux Without Self-PRice=110500 BDT         


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